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Hour Of The Wolf
Enemies: Sophia & Vigna Zirah, Invasion Type, Deep Crows
Roads gets the coordinates of the third and final weapons cache, and it's a race to the clock to beat Nicolai Et. Al to it. Within is the Avesta, an ancient manuscript by Zoroaster capable of immense feats of magical power. If team hero gets it, everything from here on out's going to be much easier, as the Zweilicht will become a full on super robot.

Of course, they don't get it. Nicolai's forces retreat after acquiring the tome. In their haste, however, they leave behind the plans and prototype of a new weapon-Claimh Solais, the sword of light.

The Distant Star Of Hope
Enemies: Sophia & Vigna Zirah (Improved), Improved Invasion Type, Deep Crows, King Caw, The Castle (End mission cutscene only)

Team White Chalice is putzing about, when Nicolai launches an attack on a city in Gucun and the military arsenal right next door. His goal is to acquire a series of strategic weapons locked away in the base, and cause as much destruction as possible. Turns out, the Avesta is constantly trying to assert its original purpose and obliterate him with massive amounts of solar magic. This can be avoided by keeping it corrupted, which requires the blood of humans-and a lot of it. The nuclear weapons are to be the teeth of his new nation.

Sophia doesn't take part in the attack on civilians, but will attack military units. After being yelled at a bit she will try to help stop the mass murder, but suddenly finds herself wracked with pain and unable to help; shortly afterwards, she becomes as hammy and evil as Nicolai is. She'll start referring to him as "Lord Nicolai" to others, and "Sire" when talking to him. Nicolai is not an idiot, as he will be proud to explain, and so he invested in an insurance policy should the one human with free will under him rebel. Sophia becomes a vampire! She is now very hammy, and perfectly willing to do anything Nicolai asks, no matter how horrible.

After aquiring the nuclear weapons and causing a serious amount of murder to fuel his new murder reactor, Nicolai uses what control he had left over the castle to teleport it to the battlefield. It's quickly loaded up with the nukes, Sophia, and the massed blood of the innocent (carried by the Improved Invasion Type). Now at full power, the castle teleports away.

-If the other canon involved doesn't require to be a specific city in Gucun, then "Jiang Jing City" will work nicely for a name. For the purposes of the And Though I Must Walk chunk of the mission, all that matters is that it have people, an arsenal nearby, and a name. What the name is doesn't matter.

Log: Dawn
Nicolai's not one to pass up an opprotunity to gloat, and so he proudly does so. With Sophia by his side, he announces to the world the creation of a new nation in Alaska, his nation. With the combined might of his sorcerous powers and some of the stolen nuclear weapons, Nicolai artificially triggers an eruption in Mt. McKinley. A huge cloud of ash, modified by magic, forms in the air and plunges the area into 24-hour night.

This leads immediately into the final mission.

Finale: Those Who Follow The Sun (Combat Log:Under a Blood-Red Sky)
Enemies: Vamp!Sophia & Vigna Zirah(Improved), Deep Crows, The Castle (Full Power), Morgandammerung, Improved Invasion Type, Fleshstein, Moon Worm, King Caw, Deep Crows, Spiny Id Beast, L (large size), Assorted Ravens
Log Enemies: Improved Invasion Type x3, Assorted Ravens

Now shielded from the light of the sun, Nicolai's free to send a positively huge force of monsters towards Anchorage to capture the city. Standing in his way are the combined forces of the White Chalice and the local Federation Naval Detachment. While the Federation people are not very friendly, they are allied. They will also be dropping artillery on places whether or not White Chalice forces are in the area, but their commander will tell the chalice group so beforehand, with a friendly "I'm sure you can handle it." This forms the basis of the combat log.

The final battle mission comes from a crazy plan by none other than Roads; a shuttle of dudes will be equipped with Sunlit Hero systems, loaded up into a shuttle along with Roads, and will drop down from near-orbit through the cloud and onto Nicolai's base. From there, they kill him, hopefully ending the cloud's magic and disrupting the monster horde's ability to use tactics more advanced than raw instinct.

During the approach, the shuttle is beset by deep crows. They can be fought off, but the Castle opens fire with its main gun shortly afterwards, destroying the engines. Everyone has to bail out, but Roads goes for the totally hardcore option of climbing on top and setting the shuttle on a collision course with the castle first.

Sophia and the various Id Beasts will focus on offense, while Nicolai and his machine will wait for people to break into the castle before taking to the field. In the lower section of the castle is where the Avesta lies, a whirlwind of glowing stone shards covered in writing surrounded by a few floating rings made up of the blood Nicolai's collected. The rings of blood are razor sharp, and will try to slice people who approach the Avesta or damage the reactor. The whole setup is surrounded by four stone pillars covered in arcane writings. To disable the reactor, one simply has to reach past the razor sharp rings and act like they're grabbing the tiny whirling bits of stone-though they look like a group of shards, they move around and can be held like they're contained in a sphere. Said sphere functions a lot like a tiny, contained star-it will burn and grievously injure any Id Beast that comes in contact with it. It can also be used as a single-shot ranged weapon, firing it into the center of the ash cloud. Once inside, it can detonate and blast the whole cloud away, bathing the area in light. Though the light soon fades, the id beasts revert to being wild animals, and it's near dawn-there's 15, 20 minutes before the whole area is bathed in natural sunlight, and any remaining Id Beasts are taken out.

The Log Combat is too far away for the light for the Avesta's detonation to be more than a cool flash, but the monsters there also revert to mindless killing machines, and the ash cloud is blown away. All those remaining Id Beasts die when dawn arrives.

-If Sophia is still alive at the time of Nicolai's death she is freed from his control and is no longer evil. She still will occasionally become rather hammy, but can fight to keep it under control. She remains a vampire, and will stay and chat for a while-even until the sun rises and it kills her.


Sophia & The Vigna Zirah-Roads' old boss, and the only other survivor of the Black Valkyries. She's a newtype ace, and in machine on par with the F91 gundam. The Vigna Zirah is black, and uses a gundam head. Later, she aquires the Improved Vigna Zirah, which is the normal Vigna Zirah modified by the Invasion Type. It's capable of regenerating from almost any injury-only solar weapons, a direct reactor hit, or positively extreme amounts of violence will take it out for good. It can't regrow limbs, but it can reattach them, even from mere shards. Weaponry-wise, it carries a beam rifle, has two mounted VSBR, two beam sabers, and a wrist-mounted beam shield on each arm.

Invasion Type-During the mission "Midnight", Sophia was in combat at the same time as some of the infection from Luger's canon. Knowing a good idea when he sees one, Nicolai attempted to copy it. The Invasion Type Id Beast specializes in taking available materials to create a combat form. This first version appears as a standard Mobile Suit (Barzam or Byarlant Custom), though it doesn't seem to have a pilot and moves exceptionally well. The real strength of the Invasion Type shows when it is first damaged-it bleeds and can heal, much like any Id Beast. That, coupled with the natural armor provided by its MS shell make it a dangerous foe. The first Invasion Type has a critical weakness, on top of the usual solar energy one-it still has a minovsky reactor inside its body. A solid hit to the reactor will kill it instantly.

Improved Invasion Type-This version has only two things separating it from the previous monster. First, it no longer has a minovsky reactor, and will in fact rip them out of mobile suits it takes over. Second, it no longer always stays hidden in its MS shell-it's more than willing to gather up material from nearby to form a titanic combat monster. Aiding its combat effectiveness, it can grow teeth, spikes, and tentacles anywhere on its surface. During "The Distant Star of Hope", the monster will prioritize attacking civilians, using long, think tentacles to drain them of their blood or drag them into itself. Most of the budget for MS was blown on the Byarlant Custom, so Improved Invasion Types usually start out as Barzams or Barzam-tier units.

King Caw-This monstrous bird puts all others to shame. It's easily 40 meters long, and can fly at supersonic speeds. In its underbelly there's what looks like a giant naked woman, the top of her head and her feet buried somewhere in the mass of black feathers. The arms of the woman hang loose from under the bird, and can conjure huge barrages of black, razor-sharp feathers from nowhere at foes. Making matters worse, the bird itself can generate a powerful ramming shield around its front, which eats away at anything it pushes up against while also blocking attacks.

The Castle-During its first apperance in "The Distant Star Of Hope", Nicolai's flying doom castle is quite weak, and relies on other units for protection. In this state, it's only offensive measure is a gradual drain of the life force of living things nearby. However, once the Improved Invasion Type transfers the blood of Gucun's citizens to it, it's able to use the power of the Avesta to full.

In its full power mode, The Castle is a high power combat battleship. It has an energy field protecting it, a high power laser that can be fired from the tip of the tallest tower for long-range combat and the interception of ballistic missiles. For closer-range combat, it can fire small plasma balls from sigils carved into the outside of the masonry. There are a *lot* of those sigils, so it has some pretty impressive beamspam.

The full power Castle has one more ability, by far its most powerful. Tay-Al Arz, "The folding up of the earth" or in more modern terms, teleportation. The Castle can do long-range teleports, allowing it to always stay on the dark side of the earth. It's not capable of short-range, combat teleports, but it can dodge nukes, bombing runs, and killsats.

The castle is most weak to enemies getting past its energy shield and landing inside its grounds-impressive as it is, its masonry is not much stronger than mundane work, and it can't use it's CIWS in such a situation without hitting itself.
Morgendämmerung-Nicolai's personal machine, it uses the data taken from the Zweilicht. It's identical to the Zweilicht, but only wields a long physical sword. While the Zweilicht captured, stored, and released the magical energy of the sun, the Morgendämmerung is constantly being fed power by the castle's life-draining systems. Its performance is a little bit above that of the Zweilicht MkII, but it uses magic for much more. It can create shields with its hands, shoot fireballs from said hands, and sprout two large bat-like wings when it needs to fly. Complicating matters, though, it can even execute short-range teleports. The longsword is similarly strengthened by magic, so it's almost indestructible in the Morgendämmerung's hands. It's been modified with the Invasion Type as well, allowing it to heal from injuries.

Claimh Solais-The Sword of Light. This is a large physical blade, but when turned "on" the edges are made of good ol'd solar magic. It's got the weight and pushback of a physical sword with the cleaving abilities of a beam saber, and uses extremely low energy to boot. Since it's solar-aligned, it does ridiculous damage to Id Beasts. This is a thing mostly so that cool endgame swordfights can happen.
So when Roads' app was first approved, Strike Witches was the most advanced magitech canon we had floating around. With Nanoha and all, that changed, and so what Roads will be able to build into his upgrade has changed.

The Zweilicht MkII keeps as much power as the old unit...and adds a much finer degree of control. Thanks to TSAB technology, Sunlit Hero mode no longer functions like a turbocharger. Instead, it works as a battery, from which the Zweilicht can cast spells. The Zweilicht can also now channel sunlight magic into limited sections of its body, as small as even a finger-this greatly extends the battery life, while allowing it to still hit with just as much force on Id beasts in melee. Lastly, it can channel sunlight into is projectile attacks as well, for that extra vampire-killing punch.

While Roads could hypothetically program in giant beamspam spells, since he's already in a giant robot basic utility spells are what he's decided to focus on instead. Here's the list I had in mind for starting out:

-Bullet Move (Sonic Move variant. Move really really fast in one direction; spamming it leads to stupid-high G-forces.)
-Round Shield (A small circular shield)
sexygodofscienceandwar: (uhhh)
This particular post (especially the second part) is more for me to not forget this stuff, since timing issues of various canon events and how crazy Steam wants to get with Roads' villains will determine highly how it turns out. It is NOT going to happen particularly soon, not by a long shot.

Basically, Roads' upgrade scheme was created with the assumption that nobody on the UG@ earth really knew magic, which with the presence of Nanoha and Demonbane characters is no longer true.

The Zweilicht Mk II will probably incorporate a fair amount of Nanoha technology thanks to these changes; I'm imagining Roads would acquire a Belkan-type device, then incorporate it into the unit's computer systems. It'd grant the whole thing much greater efficiency with its magic, and some spells: Flash Move, a Search, a Bind, and some shield powers are what I'm looking at. This would break up the Zweilicht's current super mode plans, instead giving it a limited mana pool with which to cast spells at any time. They'd still retain their solar-aspected nature, so it's still crazy deadly against his own canon's monsters, and can still run out of power. Also, Roads would then have a Device with which to fight on foot, though I imagine he has the mana capacity of a damp sponge. This would probably also enable persistent flight, though upon further thinking I'm not sure if I want Roads to be able to fly indefinitely. Jumping is just so much cooler...

The Demonbane stuff is a bit trickier, since Demonbane stuff tends to have insane power levels involved.
Basically, I figure that Roads should be able to copy the features of Demonbane that don't involve invoking a specific elder god; those would be Timaeus and Criteas (The spatial warp system) and the Lemuria Impact.

The trick here is of course finding a power source, since there's no way in hell Roads can run these on his own. Aero's suggestion was that Roads find a grimoire, specifically the original copy of the Book of Eibon. This would solve any power source issues for the Zweilicht forever, letting it use its various spells or spatial warping abilities as much as it wanted.

However, Roads is kind of a failtacular wizard, so even if he could start to bring out the book's true powers, it'd be a good bit behind the other Demonbane characters. Also, one of the Anticross (Vespasius) holds the Book of Eibon. The suggestion here from Aero was to have it be the latin copy (Liber Ivonis), much like how one of the other Anticross members has the Caelo Fragments, a latin copy of a more powerful grimoire. Since in Demonbane the originals are always more powerful than the copies, this would give Vespasius something of a cross-canon rivalry with Roads, for getting a more powerful version of Vespasius' own grimoire.

The Book of Eibon was chosen because according to wikipedia, it contains magical formulae for killing various otherworldly horrors, and that fits pretty well with Roads' whole schtick.

Details of course would have to be worked out, principally timing. Other things to consider are what Roads does with that Device after getting a Grimoire (or if he should skip the Device and get a Grimoire instead), and whether to do this at all or not. I do like the idea of a cross-canon rivalry, though.

Consider this "Subjects to be discussed at a later date", like when Kurou's Demonbane has shown up, or around the time Roads is scheduled to get his midseason upgrade.
Player Name: Arach
Personal LJ: Arachnion
AIM Contact:
Character Name: Roads Blackwell (Don't expect him to use his last name, though.)
Source Canon: And Though I Walk
Community Tag: Roads_Blackwell


Background: Sent to the mod account.

Personality:Roads would be perfectly content to just wander the earth, enjoying the earth's natural beauty as he lives his life, one day after another. Sadly, DESTINY has other plans in mind for him. Roads is not the serious sort; he is normally relaxed and easygoing, and likes to make friends with new people. He deals poorly with authority figures or people who don't like him, often turning to more sarcastic comments. With those he does befriend, Roads is about as reliable as someone could be. He'll cover your back, keep all those annoying mooks off you, and give you that climatic duel you want with your arch-rival. Or, I guess if you're not into that sort of thing, he'll help you shoot them down as well.

Roads can be focused and serious, but he does it rarely. Even when he knows he needs to be serious for something, he has a difficult time managing to calm his emotions and just do what he has to. He can still fight well when not focused, just not to the best of his ability. Roads isn't particularly fond of combat, and would prefer it if everyone could just get along and enjoy life together. That said, he will not shy away from fighting when he thinks it is necessary. He just might need some convincing first, when it comes to fighting human opponents.

His past is a very sore spot for Roads. He doesn’t like to talk about it, and he’s still carrying around a lot of guilt for all the things he’s done. He tries his best to hide it from everyone else, but Roads is not particularly stable; he might mistake some of the crew for people he’s killed on first glance, and anything that brings the righteousness of the White Chalice into question will hit him doubly hard. He has fond memories, too-but he will try to avoid talking about them, to keep people from finding out about what he’s done. He’s rather worried that, if everyone knew all the sorts of things he’s done in his life, they’d hate him/kick him off/try to kill him.

Capabilities and Resources: Roads is exceptionally good at two things: One, mecha engineering, and two, not dying. The first comes from a personal love of giant robots, his focus on such subjects in school, and his time as an engineer for the Federation in the OYW. He'll be able to help out with repairing the machines aboard the White Chalice, and can modify and improve the Zweilicht. The second is less of a general refusal to die, and more that Roads can and has survived out in the wilderness for long periods of time. He knows how to start a fire, scavenge for food, set up a shelter, and break everything down so he can run from wild animals. Though he won’t exactly advertise it, Roads is a skilled mobile suit pilot and soldier. When asked, he’ll just say it’s because of his time in the Earth Federation military.

Robot Name: Zweilicht

Robot Description: The Zweilicht is a made-to-order ground combat mobile suit, based off of the Jegan. Roads's Zweilicht uses a motion capture system for its control. The Zweilicht has wheels in the base of its feet, which coupled with its vernier thrusters allow it a great deal of mobility. The Zweilicht's true strength lies in the ease with which it can be modified-hardpoints for attacking extra equipment are spread all over the frame, and the joints are built in such a fashion that damaged limbs can be ejected. It can briefly enter a super mode of sorts, called “Sunlit Hero.”

Terrain Stats:

Land: S
Air: -
Space: -

Upgrades: Most of the Zweilicht's "upgrades" are patchwork jobs, done by Roads with whatever materials/weapons he has on hand to alter the MS's performance to the occasion. These are the ones that modify the Zweilicht's base performance, and which do not leave once installed.

Zweilicht -Flight Type- After a number of fights, Roads manages to get his hands on the proper materials to make this upgrade. He'll need either the wreckage of an old OYW flying machine, or perhaps he'll just steal spare parts from the Gundam MkII's flying armor. However he gets it, this adds two large thrusters to the back of the Zweilicht, allowing the MS to execute absolutely insane jumps and maneuver somewhat in midair. It can't fly-but it can jump really, really high. The flight booster becomes standard equipment for the Zweilicht.

Zweilicht -Space Type- After moving up into space, Roads will take some time out to modify the Zweilicht for space combat, by reinforcing the seals on the unit to make it airtight, installing the proper AMBAC routines, etc. This will up it's Space terrain rating to B, and its sea terrain rating to C. This upgrade may come before or after the Flight Type, depending upon how things go.

Zweilicht MkII-After the Zweilicht is wrecked fighting Sophia, Roads will begin work on this upgrade. It involves tearing out the generator and replacing it with one as powerful as the mech can handle, and upgrading the magic storage systems spread throughout the Zweilicht's frame with added capictors and more durable wiring. The end result is that the Zweilicht's base performance is on-par with that of a Gundam, it gains atmospheric flight, and it can enter Sunlit Hero Overdrive.

After the events of his plot are concluded, Roads will probably work on altering the Sunlit Hero system to give more spread out power, along with continuing his strategy of "Stick extra stuff onto it to make it better".

Weapons: These are the weapons that show up as part of the Lengthening Shadows plot. Roads is still liable to “borrow” whatever he can find lying around.

Base Weapons
120mm Assault Rifle-A blast from the past, it's a slightly redesigned version of the Zaku's main gun. LOST BY HANA
Armor Penetrator-knives. The handles contain charges that, when detonated, will propel the blade deeper into the target. They can be set to either remote detonation or a timer.
Rocket Anchor-Similar to a Slash Harken, these are wire-guided projectiles meant to latch on to objects and reel them in. They're mounted on the wrists. Unfortunately, the Zweilicht is too weak to drag around anything larger or more powerful than it, so they're best used for movement at the moment.

First Weapons Cache-These are all melee weapons, treated to more easily cut through magical protections and deal more damage to creatures of the night. They’re gained after the first mission.
Ascalon-A mecha-sized blade. It is mounted on the shoulder of Zweilicht when not in use. It's been treated specially so that it can block beam sabers as well.
Chakram Launcher-This fits over either forearm of the Zweilicht, and fires a (comparatively) small spinning disk ringed with blades, connected to a cable that can pull it back.
Gleipnir-A long, flexible whip with a drill bit on the end, Gleipnir is the farthest-reaching of the Zweilicht's melee weapons. Sadly, it can be cut apart rather easily. LOST BY HANA
Triple Pile Bunker-Pretty much exactly as the name says. It's mounted along the upper arm of the Zweilicht, and is heavy enough to act as a sort of shield. When being used, the Zweilicht must grab a handle near the end of the pile bunker to help hold it in place, so no weapons in that hand. It's the most damaging of the Zweilicht's melee weapons, but cannot strike targets who are any sort of distance away.

Second Weapons Cache
50MJ Railguns-A long-range fire support weapon, this rifle launches a person-sized metal dart at extreme speeds. Unlike a beam rifle, it is unaffected by I-fields, and can be configured to provide indirect fire. It also packs a signifigantly larger magazine, storing 100 rounds in each belt. It takes a few seconds to charge up each shot and cool down after one, though, due to the limits of the Zweilicht's generator and the plasma produced when firing.
Type 37 Shotguns-A mecha-sized semi-automatic shotgun, it can be used to launch standard shot, solid shells for anti-armor use, or upsized Dragon's Breath rounds for a blast of firey doom. This gun can act as a launcher for the grenade below.
Thermobaric Hand Grenade-This is a small fuel-air bomb, good for taking out buildings, large amounts of infantry, or other organic targets. It produces a rather sizeable fireball and shockwave, and imparts a large amount of heat to the target.

Third Weapons Cache
Spell Cannon: Argartha-Charged with the ambient leftover magical energy produced by spells and the presence of magical creatures, this weapon emphasizes power over all else. It fires a single, incredibly powerful beam of magical annihilation. Argatha can be used in two other modes. In the first, it fires a single weaker beam that homes in on its target, and in the second it produces a spam of lower-power beams at all targets in a 60° cone from the front of the gun.

Claimh Solais-The Zweilicht’s other final weapon, this takes the form of a empty broadsword handle when not in use. In use, a large blade of white light forms from the hilt. It's much wider and larger than the usual beam saber, and thus packs a bit more punch. Like Argartha, it takes ambient magical energy and uses it power the sword. However, since its power requirements are far lower, it can feed this energy back into the Zweilicht to recharge its Sunlit Hero mode during extended battles with magic-using foes.

Both of these weapons can be powered by using up the energy stored for the Zweilicht's Sunlit Hero mode.

On Sunlit Hero Mode: The Zweilicht is designed to gather and store magical energy from the sun during the day, which can later be used to activate this feature. Sunlit Hero mode drastically improves the Zweilicht's performance, and lets it deliver devastating SOLAR PUNCHES to foes, channeling the might of the sun itself! Unfortunately, Sunlit Hero mode takes a lot of juice, so it can only be used for a brief period of time. Unlike some other power-up modes, the Zweilicht's performance does not drop below normal after using Sunlit Hero mode.

Sunlit Hero Overdrive takes the previous mode and cranks it up even more; the increased capacitor storage means that the Zweilicht dumps even more magical energy in the same short period of time. It's bad enough that the excess energy bleeds off and forms a glowing magical shield around the unit, turning the Zweilicht into a pocket super of sorts. However, the Zweilicht isn't really meant to take this much power at once, so the whole unit has to cool down after using this power up.

Job: Roads is unemployed at the start of the story, but will work on the White Chalice as both a pilot and an engineer.

Suggested Event List: Sent to the mod account.
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